Everything but the Kitchen Sink or EBTKS (for short) Bag

Photo of Bolt w/EBTKS bag.

After purchasing a Tacti-Gal bag and loving it!, fellow gun-enthusiast & Floridian, Shannon was looking for a range bag big enough to hold multiple fire-arms, eye-protection, ear-protection, ammo boxes and more…  She sent us dimensions of her ammo boxes and a photo of her, more-than-gently-used, current range bag and asked if we could create a custom bag for her.

Challenge Accepted!

The idea of creating a larger range bag was something we knew we needed to explore; however just had not taken the time to do so.  We saw this as the perfect opportunity to do so.  Our shot/range bag is our most popular, so we started with that design.  The shot/range bag is perfect for one handgun and a quick trip to the range, however for multiple guns and ammo cases, protective gear, etc… we were going to need a much bigger bag.

So, the EBTKS bag was created.  It has interior slots for up to 4 handguns, slots for up to 12 magazines, a place for ear-protection and enough open space for more ammo than you care to carry.  The exterior and interior bottoms are protected with a military-grade reinforcement fabric.  The bag is a pull-string tote bag design which makes opening, closing and getting down to shooting a breeze as there are no zippers or fasteners to hassle with.  The interior sports a “D” ring for clipping keys on, so just toss in your wallet and leave the purse behind!

The EBTKS bag can be made in any fabric options we have available.  Check in with us for availability.

Photo of the EBTKS prototype (Exterior/Interior)
Photo of EBTKS next to Shot/Range Bag

Challenge Met!

Shannon & Bolt Approved!

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