The Beginning

A little background…

I guess you can say I am a Girly Girl…  or at least that’s the book cover that gets added to the pages I call my life.  I love everything about being a woman.  Clothing, shoes, purses, jewelry, scarves…  if it’s girly, I love it!

I am a professional woman in a predominately male industry, it’s a dirty environment where the office is “casual Friday” every day, however, not for me – not my style.  I am colorful and can be flashy, coordinated and accessorified.


To the beginning of this story…

So, in this predominately male industry, I tend to have a bit of a chip on my shoulder when it comes to socializing (mostly because I am left out).  So late 2016, my company joined an exclusive club, membership required, for dining, horses, shooting and more, the guys were meeting there to skeet shoot, eat, drink and socialize, and you guessed it, not invited.  Slowly and surely every man on my team along with potential clients would attend.  Oh, how they would discuss it in meetings and talk about their experiences.  Some of them were shooting virgins (as was I), so I soon realized that one of these days they will need to invite me, of course after they have all gotten acclimated at this shooting thing.  I imagined how they would all enjoy mansplaining how to hold the gun, how to load the gun, how to aim at the clay pigeon, how to pull the trigger and chuckle when I missed and missed and missed, how manly that would make them feel and how much more I would feel not included.  In my mind’s-eye I could see me pull the trigger, the gun recoil, me dropping the gun or any other number of silly things that they could poke fun at in the future.

So…  I decided, THAT wasn’t going to be how this story played out!


Stay Tuned….

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